Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage: Your Gateway to Swiss Luxury

The majestic Alps, pristine lakes, and serene valleys make Switzerland a dream destination for many. Amidst this stunning backdrop sits the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage, a gem that offers a seamless blend of tradition, luxury, and modern comforts.

The Storied Past of Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage

The hotel has a long history, and its beginnings may be traced to the late 19th century. The building’s ambience and design continue to portray the grandeur of the period despite the passage of time, providing visitors with a timeless experience.

Location and Accessibility: Immerse in the Heart of Switzerland

How to Get There

Nestled in the quaint town of Interlaken, the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage is easily accessible from major Swiss cities by train, car, or plane, making it a perfect base for your Swiss escapade.

Nearby Attractions

The hotel’s prime location offers quick access to attractions, including the Jungfrau Region, the Thun and Brienz Lakes, and the mesmerizing Swiss Alps. What more could an adventurer ask for?

Luxurious Accommodations: A Home Away From Home

Room Categories

Each room at the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage, from the Standard Room to the opulent Presidential Suite, offers a unique combination of comfort and elegance, promising an unforgettable stay.

In-Room Amenities

Nothing less than the finest is acceptable. Every room has first-rate amenities including soft bedding, fast Wi-Fi, and an interactive TV system to make your stay as comfortable as it is opulent.

Exquisite Dining: A Gastronomic Adventure

On-Site Restaurants

From local Swiss cuisine to international delicacies, the hotel’s restaurants serve gastronomic delight. Taste the world without stepping out of the hotel!

Unique Culinary Experiences

Enjoy personalized dining experiences, whether it’s a private candlelit dinner or a themed night at one of the on-site restaurants. At the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage, every meal is a celebration.

Wellness and Spa Facilities: A Haven of Relaxation

Spa Services

The hotel’s wellness area is an oasis of relaxation, offering a range of treatments and therapies designed to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Wellness Programs

Take part in bespoke wellness programs focusing on holistic well-being, combining fitness activities, nutritious meals, and relaxing spa treatments.

Meetings and Events: Where Business Meets Pleasure

Conference Facilities

With modern meeting rooms and state-of-the-art equipment, Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage is ideal for corporate retreats and conferences.

Social Events

From intimate weddings to grand parties, the hotel’s event spaces and impeccable service promise to make your special occasions truly memorable.

Guest Reviews: Hear it from the Visitors

Accolades from guests worldwide underscore the hotel’s commitment to exceptional service and hospitality. Here’s your chance to be a part of the legacy!

Booking Information: Your Dream Stay is Just a Click Away

Discovering Swiss luxury has never been more accessible. Visit the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage website or your preferred booking platform to reserve your stay today.


The Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage is a testament to Swiss hospitality, delivering a unique blend of heritage, luxury, and modern comforts. Its strategic location, outstanding facilities, and unrivalled service promise a stay beyond the ordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of rooms does the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage offer? The hotel offers various room categories, from Standard Rooms to the luxurious Presidential Suite.
  2. What dining options are available at the hotel? The hotel has multiple on-site restaurants offering a range of cuisines, from local Swiss dishes to international delicacies.
  3. Does the hotel have spa and wellness facilities? Yes, the hotel has a dedicated wellness area offering various treatments, therapies, and tailored wellness programs.
  4. Can I organize events at the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage? Yes, the hotel has facilities for both corporate events and social occasions.
  5. How can I book a room at the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage? You can book directly through the hotel’s website or various booking platforms.