Best Hotels in the 7th Arrondissement, Paris

Have you ever wished you could visit Paris to soak in the romance and history of the world’s most romantic city? Let’s virtually go to Paris’s we are discus best hotels in the 7th Arrondissement. Our quest? To find the best hotels this enchanting district has to offer.

Best Hotels in the 7th Arrondissement, Paris

Understanding Paris: The 7th Arrondissement

Historical Significance

It is different from your usual neighbourhood, the 7th Arrondissement. The Eiffel Tower, the Musee d’Orsay, and Les Invalides, the last resting place of Napoleon, are all located in this historically rich neighbourhood.

Geographical Importance

In terms of location, Paris’ 7th Arrondissement is in the city’s core. The Seine River surrounds it, giving it a unique place that makes reaching the main Parisian attractions convenient. Consider leaving your hotel, travelling along the Seine, and coming across the Eiffel Tower. It feels odd.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Hotel in Paris

Let’s establish our criteria before diving into the best hotels in the 7th Arrondissement. What makes a hotel “the best”?


As they say, location is everything. A hotel in the city’s heart, close to sights, shops, and restaurants, is always a wise option.


From spa services to gastronomic restaurants, the amenities offered by a hotel can significantly enhance your Parisian experience. Who wouldn’t love a soothing massage after a long day of sightseeing?


Paris is a city for all. Whether you’re a luxury seeker or a budget traveller, there’s a hotel just for you. The trick is finding one that provides value for your money.

Top 5 Hotels in the 7th Arrondissement

Now, let’s delve into the cream of the crop, the five-star experiences that truly stand out.

Le Narcisse Blanc


Le Narcisse Blanc is a boutique hotel that exudes Parisian elegance. A mixture of classic and contemporary design elements makes this hotel truly special.

Notable Features

With its plush rooms, state-of-the-art spa, and critically acclaimed restaurant, Le Narcisse Blanc knows how to spoil its guests.

Hotel Le Cinq Codet


Offering a unique, modernistic appeal, Hotel Le Cinq Codet is a gem nestled in the 7th Arrondissement. It boasts an art-deco style with a twist of modern luxury.

Notable Features

This hotel features a beautiful inner courtyard and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower. Talk about a room with a view!

Hotel d’Orsay


The Hotel d’Orsay, situated in a former townhouse, charms visitors with its traditional Parisian elegance and warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Notable Features

From its classic décor to its personalized service, Hotel d’Orsay offers an intimate and comfortable stay, making it a home away from home.

Le Pavillon de la Reine & Spa


Though technically in the 3rd Arrondissement, Le Pavillon de la Reine & Spa is worth mentioning for its sheer luxury and old-world charm.

Notable Features

Set in a 17th-century building, this hotel offers a tranquil courtyard, a luxurious spa, and individually decorated rooms, promising a truly unique experience.

La Reserve Paris


La Reserve Paris, often called the epitome of Parisian chic, offers its guests a sophisticated and bespoke experience.

Notable Features

Featuring a private library, a full-service spa, and an indoor pool, La Reserve Paris ensures an unforgettable stay.


Whether you’re a history buff, a gourmet, or simply seeking a luxurious vacation, the 7th Arrondissement boasts a variety of top-notch hotels to satisfy your Parisian ideal. The secret is picking one that matches your tastes and budget. Happy travels!


  1. How much, on average, do these hotels cost?
    • Season, accommodation, and availability all have a significant impact on price. For the most up-to-date pricing, visiting the hotel’s website is recommended.
  2. Are guests with disabilities able to use these hotels?
    • Most upscale hotels in Paris provide accessible features for guests with impairments. Before making a reservation, it is advised to check with the hotel.
  3. How can I navigate the 7th arrondissement the easiest?
    • The metro, buses, and RER trains provide good connections to the 7th arrondissement. Alternatively, you may stroll or hire a bike to tour the neighbourhood.
  4. Are these hotels family-friendly?
    • Yes, most of these hotels offer amenities and services geared towards families. Some even offer babysitting services and kids’ menus.
  5. Do these hotels offer airport shuttle services?
    • While some hotels might offer this service, it’s not a standard feature in all hotels. Always check with your hotel in advance.