European Union Drops Legal Case Against Austria

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The European Union has been busy at work lately trying to make member countries come into compliance with trade agreements having to do with gambling. Whether it is online or land based gambling, there are violations taking place all across the world.

Austria had been the subject of a legal case from the EU. They, however, have now come into compliance and the legal case has been dropped. The case involved discrimination in Austria law that gave legal protection to only members of their country.

“The European Commission decided to close the infringement case…after reform of the Austrian law on gaming which extended protection for players to all citizens of the EU,” the Commission said, according to a report in Reuters.

Austria is just the latest of the countries that have been dealing with gambling issues relating to the European Union. France has recently began the process of coming into compliance, and so has Spain.

The US remains a top target of the EU because of their Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which was placed into law in 2006. The EU has completed an investigation into the UIGEA and has given the US a grace period to come into compliance.

If their concerns are not adhered to, the EU would then recommend that the World Trade Organization take action against the US. That may not be necessary, however, with Representative Barney Frank leading a crusade to overturn the UIGEA.

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